Welcome to the MiniPanther Frequently Asked Questions page!
Why does Snowcat DAO exist?
We believe that short-term financial games are fun and exhilarating! Many people were intrigued and excited by the idea of SnowDog DAO, which was a short-term DAO followed by a buyback. However, everyone was disappointed when SnowDog DAO's buyback was not fair or transparent: it was conducted on a new LP system that required a passphrase to trade. As a result, the dream of a short-term DAO with massive buybacks at the end was never truly realized until MiniPanther, the Snowcat DAO team's recent project.
In Snowcat DAO, 80% of the non-LP treasury is bound by the code to be used for buybacks on the 9th day. The buybacks are handled by a special admin function, and these buybacks are the only possible use of the funds according to the code. After 24 hours, any wallet can call a function that finishes all remaining buybacks. Therefore, the team has successfully implemented this concept in a secure, safe manner.
Therefore, we are confident that Snowcat DAO will fulfill the exciting vision of a short-term DAO followed by massive buybacks! The DAO is obviously inspired by Snowdog DAO, but we have safeguards in place to ensure that it is run fairly and transparently!
What's this about charity?
The team donated part of the proceeds from operating MiniPanther to black cat-related charitable causes. Part of the proceeds from the Snowcat DAO project will also go towards charitable donation!
OK, now that I've pretended to care about charity, let's get on to the free shit! Are you really giving free tokens to wallets that staked in Snowdog DAO?
Yes! We are giving away 6,000 PSCAT tokens to Snowdog DAO stakers, but be quick, because there are not enough tokens available for all eligible wallets! Please see the Snowdog DAO Giveaway page for more details.
What about referral bonuses? I love free SCAT!
We have added referral bonus code to Snowcat DAO! Both the referrer and the referee get a bonus 3% when minting SCAT! Check our Referral Code page for instructions!
Who is on the Snowcat DAO team?
Snowcat DAO is a Sugandese Tokens production. Please check our Team Page to learn more!
How do I participate? Please take my money!
We have now launched the SCAT token! You can buy it at Trader Joe.
I see that there is a transaction tax! How do I avoid it?
There is a transaction tax only on transferring SCAT to LP pairs. Without a helper contract, this also taxes LP formation. To avoid the transaction tax on LP formation, you must use the Liquidity Helper on our website by clicking the "Add Liquidity*" link on our homepage. DYOR and transact accordingly!
What makes Snowcat DAO different?
Whereas most DAOs based on Olympus are intended to last a long time, continuing with rebase staking rewards forever may not be viable, as the amount of money coming into the system can only match an exponentially increasing number of tokens for so long. In contrast, Snowcat DAO contains all supply expansion within an 8-day period, allowing users to temporarily experience very high yield and strong anticipation without breaking the system.
To our knowledge, the team's recent project MiniPanther was the first fully auto-liquidating DAO in history, and Snowcat DAO uses the same buyback code. The use of Snowcat DAO's entire treasury is established by the code and incorporated into a short-term financial game. We hope you enjoy it!
If you've seen MiniPanther, Snowcat DAO is similar, but be sure to check out our new features added for Snowcat, like Referral code and Anti-Bot!
Is the Snowcat DAO code buggy or exploitable?
We don't think so! Our code is forked from MiniPanther, which is forked from Minotaur Money, which is a fork of Wonderland.Money with Selling Tax, Fractionality, and other code improvements. In turn, Wonderland is a fork of Olympus DAO (OHM). Those protocols are currently in operation with large rewards available for anyone who is able to exploit them, but no one has been able to do it yet.
The code changes for Snowcat DAO consist of relatively simple, single-shot logic, and we have thoroughly tested the protocol to make sure that it works as intended. In addition, please see the following questions for additional security info!
Ser, wen audit?
Please check our Audit page for more info!
Ser, wen KYC?
Please check our KYC page for more info!
Ser, wen launch?
Please check our Presale Info page for our Launch Schedule!
Ser, wen AMA?
3-22, 5pm GMT: The Gem Hunters; Transcript
Ser, wen promo?
We will have Dextools AVAX banner ads beginning on 3-22! Check our Videos page for our Carole Baskin endorsement and other videos! We will be on the investment lists of influencers and DAOs! We have a giveaway for Snowdog DAO stakers that could bring in thousands of holders! We have referral code that gives a 3% bonus on mints!
I have more questions. Where can I find the answers?