Snowdog DAO Giveaway

Holy shit! Free tokens for Snowdog DAO stakers!
As specified on our Tokenomics page, we will be giving away 6,000 PSCAT tokens (presale tokens redeemable 1:1 for SCAT) to wallets that staked in Snowdog DAO. The amount will be 2 SCAT per wallet that staked in Snowdog! But be quick, because there will not be enough tokens for all eligible addresses: 19k+ addresses are eligible, but only 3k can claim.
Please stay tuned for the release of the claim contract! Each wallet that staked SDOG in the Snowdog DAO staking contract will be eligible for the claim, and each address will be able to claim the same amount of tokens. Only having staked in the Snowdog staking contract matters, so you do not need to trade in SDOG tokens or hold them now!