Max Supply: None (No more supply expansion allowed after 8 days)
Initial Supply: 200,000 SCAT
  • DAO: 92,000 SCAT
  • DAI presale: 60,000 SCAT
  • Liquidity: 24,000 SCAT
  • MiniPanther MP token swap: 15,000 SCAT
  • Snowdog DAO giveaway: 6,000 SCAT
  • Incentives: 3,000 SCAT
Reward Rate: 1% per epoch (starting; may be adjusted)
  • The reward rate may be adjusted
Transaction tax: 8% only on sending to LP pairs (must use liquidity helper for LP formation to avoid tax)
Taxed tokens are redistributed proportionally as additional rewards to stakers when rebase staking rewards are applied