Monetary Policy

Initial Supply: 200,000 SCAT
  • DAO: 92,000 SCAT
  • DAI presale: 60,000 SCAT
  • Liquidity: 24,000 SCAT
  • MiniPanther MP token swap: 15,000 SCAT
  • Snowdog DAO giveaway: 6,000 SCAT
  • Incentives: 3,000 SCAT
Reward Rate: 1% per epoch (starting; may be adjusted)
Rebase frequency: 14400 seconds (4 hours)
Bond Control Variable (BCV): Changes according to market conditions; controls the pricing of bonds/minting (higher value = higher prices)
Vesting Term (seconds): 259200; bonded tokens are vested over 3 days
Fee (basis points): 10000; the minter and protocol receive equal numbers of SCAT
Max Payout: 1000; the maximum purchasable bond as a percentage (1% of the current supply can be minted in a given bond transaction)
Transaction tax: 8% only on selling (must use liquidity helper for LP formation to avoid tax)