Meme Token

Although the Snowcat DAO team has no official roadmap beyond the 9 days of supply expansion + buybacks, the team will support MP's transition to a community-run meme token project. The protocol has several features to support this phase of the project:
  • The transaction tax on SCAT selling is redistributed to stakers at rebase time. This means that there will still be SCAT staking rewards even after all supply expansion stops.
  • Because the treasury withdraw function is disabled, The SCAT-DAI LP provided by the team and acquired by bonding will be forever locked in the bond depository contract.
  • The DAO will still own SCAT tokens after minting stops, which can be traded for outside staking pools or used in other ways to benefit the ecosystem
  • The Snowcat branding and its association with redemption from Snowdog and charitable work could have enduring appeal
With these features in place, SCAT could have a long, active lifetime as the meme token of the Avalanche Network!