Welcome to Snowcat DAO! We will post market buying and staking instructions for SCAT soon! In the meantime, please follow these instructions to set up your wallet and migrate funds:

Setting up Metamask for AVAX C-chain Network

Open your Metamask extension and open the Networks dropdown. Then, at the bottom, click "Add network":
Use the following information to add AVAX C-Chain Network to Metamask:

Getting Funds Onto AVAX Network

To participate in Snowcat DAO, you will also need funds in your AVAX Network wallet! The gas currency is AVAX, and we recommend that you directly swap DAI.e tokens for SCAT when market buying, as the primary liquidity pair is SCAT/DAI.
  • Centralized exchanges to withdraw AVAX: Binance, Kucoin
    • Make sure to use AVAX C-chain Network to withdraw AVAX (not BEP20 AVAX)
    • Celer CBridge allows you to bridge tokens from other blockchains (BSC, Fantom, etc.) to AVAX. They have been sending 0.01 AVAX for gas to anyone who bridges, so you can get yourself set up with just a single bridge transaction.
Once you have AVAX on your MetaMask wallet, you can swap for any other payment token at Trader Joe. We recommend using DAI to purchase SCAT on Trader Joe.
This page is currently under construction! Please check back later!